This is 3 great overdramatic actors in crime fighting. All 3 have some good quotes but this was my favorite. This was the first assignment for ds106 I did and I think was a good starting point. Although I am still getting used to all the it hopfully I will have better ones to follow. This was the Triple Troll quote Assignment for ds106.

"Do you feel lucky?"

The process: I searched for a good photo via google and came up with Chuck Norris. I then opened that photo in Adobe Photo shop where I created a layer with a yellow color for the bottom. I then added another layer to put the text in over the yellow area but still giving it a see threw kind of look to it. As for the quote I used a site that has famous quotes from different movies this one from Dirty Harry(movie clip) stuck out the most in my mind nothing made that villian feel  better though than the sound of a click instead of a bullet. This was infact the best. The guns Chuck is holding is a Mack 10, but the gun Clint Eastwood(Dirty Harry, Harry Callahan) is talking about is a .44 Magnum. For 1 the Mack 10 is able to hold much more ammo than a magnum and a Mack 10 is also far less accurate.  And finally Steven Seagal had to be put in the mix because he was a fun exiting undefeatable character like the other 2 mentioned.

From the riculous explosions, to humanly impossible accurate shooting, and the fun quotes before the person committing the crimes hits the ground. Standing tall over them are these 3 individuals. I always enjoyed the movies when I was younger because the action, funny things they said, and the fire power that was always used.