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This Ds106 assignment was to record an odd voice to make a sound clip of ordering some food at a restaurant. I can make many different types of voices but Southern just felt fitting for the assignment. Laughter is what keeps people happy and it is also the gateway to a woman’s heart ūüėČ lol. Anyway it was a fun assignment and a little more challenging because I had not done a audio assignment before. So none the less it took a little more time than the usuual ones.

I fought threw it and came up with this as a result I hope you like it and hope many of you decide to do the same assignment, just ensure that you have your sound cloud account I am not familiar how else to add this to your blog. Thank you so much, and if your southern I hope you have a good sense of humor this was in no way to offend anyone. If you do yours make sure your picky about what you order, can you guess what I was picky about in thsi case? The funniest part is how idiotic people really are when it comes to ordering fast food. Getting what you pay for is definately high priority on my list there for although I might not be as picky as this guy but I am in fact picky when I get fast food.


Burning for you.


I did a fanfic Ds106 assignment of a song I remember getting down to in the club back in the day. The song had everyone out on the floor for the slow sexual dancing. It was a great hook up song and a crowd pleaser. so I chose this song. The picture I found searching images threw Google “burning for you” Hence the name of the song. I then edited it a bit in photo shop, posted it and made it one of my post’s. It was the first ds106 fanfic assignment.

The Idea is that the man or woman is burning for each other, getting turned on, or maybe a yearning or desire. Your interpretation can be whatever you want it to be but I am a bit “yarashi” I think is what the Japanese say LOL. But if your interested you can watch and hear the music here. I couldn’t find the sexy seducing video, and if I did maybe I would not put it on here because I would hate to offend someone but the music is still good and you can visualize how you would dance to the song.

The picture is best because its both man and woman burning symbols intertwined so I thought it would make the best Picture for it. You have to listen to the song, even the remixes by other people are good. I hope you enjoy!

Is he married?

No I am not married this is a family thing.

This writting assignment was to take a picture and write about the emotional significance it has in your life for ds106. I chose to take a picture of the ring I wear around my neck.

The gold ring was forged for my great grandfather and passed down through out the years. I wear it in rememberance that family comes first. Most people mistaken it for marriage or something like that. But it is infact for just remembering family is first no matter what. I will wear a separate ring on my finger someday if I ever get married. But the ring is meant to be close to the heart, closest place is around my neck so that is where I keep it.

I remember when I initally got it, each of  us have the same middle name also. But when I first got it my father fingers are huge so each of us are different so everyone had it resized. I know my grandfathers was also big. There were so many sizes it had to go down in order to fit mine. I can only hope if I have a son someday that he to will have roughly the same size finger to make it easier to pass it down along with my middle name. The tradition might infact go beyond my great grandfather but the only living people I recall wearing it were those individuals. I think having somethign passed down is important for everyone with children to have a story about family and values. It also establishes a bond that can be passed down to further generations.

Although all of them with the exeption of my father have passed when I wear the ring I feel them with me, with protection, and courage thew the hard times I had when I was in the military keeping me safe in all situations. The significance of it could never be replaced and I look forward to passing it also someday.

Welcome to my hood!

This original was created by glitch But I modified the image for a DS106 assignment. I loved it because he is a childhood figure giving the bird.

The ds106 assignment was a mashup that was to make your own album cover out of a pre existing one. The others were boring  and this was loud and thought it would get alot of attention. We were to remix it and make it something different. The prior person made it a lazer hood. I wanted to make it just his hood.

I started by photoshoping making it look like grafiti brushed out the lazer and made is say “come check out my hood” instead. Kind of gangster.

Then added a few featuring songs manipulated some colors, some red circles kinda like bullet holes and highlited the finger more. This image was halarious and I had to use it, I wrote the person who created this as mentioned above so the real credit for the majority of the work was put in by him. I just made some minor modifications for the assignment. I remember Mr. Rogers hood when I was a kid. Looking at how old school it is now its funny making fun of him with this album cover. Could you ever imagine him as a rapper? I think a good assigment might be to make a rap using his voice somehow lol if they have it.

Those shoes he always wore, but never the same pair it seemed, or how about that mail man that never failed to show up, takin the train to imagination land with those talking puppets, those sweaters he was obsessed with lol. Interesting times and programs. Next time I might have to do reading rainbow lol.

BumPeR StIcKerS

I chose to do a Bumper sticker design assignment. The theme is DS106 and make a few bumper stickers that you would put on your car.
Process, I found 3 images threw google images and photoshopped them.Image 1 I found and added my¬†text¬†inside the area.Image 2¬†I found this and wanted to put something where¬†the road was divided and you had to stay on the right path sort of thing. Image 3, well thought I would through in a little something for free why not but beware of the small disclosure on the bottom… ¬†I then added some personal text to spice it up abit and make it more appealing. After that I made my appropriate tags and published it.

This assignment was to make a Valentines day card because recent ones that are available on shelves are trash. So I chose to create this design assignment. Not sure if its better though.

First I found a good picture on google to use as my backround. Then thought of a nice little poem while still giving my personal opinion on the holiday itself. Typed the texed in the box did a little color manipulation. And thus created a card. Thought it might be a good assingment after the scary poem I posted before this.

Interesting title right? This ds106 assignment is a writting assignment called 3 word wednesday.

The requirements: You must go to a separate website that posts 3 words every wednesday and you tie them together by writting something about the 3. It can essentially be anything as long as you use all 3 words. I chose to do a poem with them because it is odd and well anything else besides somethign artistic would be odd using these 3 words. Before you read the end can you guess the 3 words?

A razor so sharp, exact and so fine.

I start slicing my flesh, but I take my time.

I lose control and cut deeply inside, but I soon realize the blood is not mine.

I worry and panic,  and hide all I can, but eventually I  become hopeless and pay for my crime.

I am now in the pen serving a dime, it has been more than a week since Ive seen the sun shine.

Looking back through all the thoughts left behind, I wish there was a way to put my life in rewind.

For what its worth I will bare it in mind, and my steps through my future I will always be kind.

Freak anyone out? I didnt pick the 3¬†words to use that made up this assignment¬†but I still enjoyed this assignment gives you some creativity and to through a little odd things in there to make it interesting and people want to read it and talk about it. I enjoy making poems. ¬†Do something durastic. The 3 words¬†were flesh, razor, and control.¬† I unfortunatly could not bring myself to putting an image to go with this poem because it would be horrific and the poem alone will set people on edge LOL. Enjoy and remember it’s only an assignment.

Living room

The assignment was to take a picture of a place where you most commonly loose things.  I choose a picture of my couch that is where I most commonly loose my change, or phone, or remote or all kinds of things that frustrate you for a few minutes sometimes hours to only find out it was under a cushion. But also rewarding is when you find the change you didnt think you have and then use it for something so its nice from both perspectives I guess. Another good thing is when friends are over and they loose their change. You then can save that change and then eventually buy something for the person out of no where then they wonder why and you tell them it is because they lost so much change in your couch. Ehh lets be honest that doesnt happen.. Ever lol.

Professor Lockman is Missing!!!!!!!!!!

Please Help Find Professor Lockman Before its to late!!


















Here I choose the design assignment but I made a twist of my own, instead of searching for Dr. Oblivion in honor of his birthday, and because of this hilarious picture I thought I would use our Professor. Can you help me find him? Or choose the best title for me lol.

The Process: First I found this wonderful picture via google images of our own Professor lockman. I then put it in to Gimp for mac. I also downloaded another image of ds106 that I used to put his face on as another layer. After that I added misc text to make it funny and put it on a layer of the checker board for the top to give it a little more backround.

I like this assignment because one I have our teachers picture on it with a really goofy set of glasses. I honestly thought of putting him in a large crowd dressed in white and read and making it a game… LOL “wheres lockman” instead of wheres waldo.

I gotta tell ya this has to be a picture that goes on a dating website I think he would get way to many hits what do you guys think? That should be a ds106 assignment to lol a dating profile made of a goofy picture of an individual.

R. Kelly Can fly?

I chose to write about R. Kelly’s “I beleive I can fly.” I chose this because it was funny to think about the sone in a different way. Normally the song means that you can do anything you put your mind to so to speak. But The twist of making it into a police report was fun because you can twist the words to make it sound like he is nuts. I started out by looking up the lyrics. The assignment was to write a police report to a songs lyrics. After that I looked up different possible offenses he would be charged with if he made the “leap of faith” literally. I found the photo at google images that I thought would be appropriate for this assignment because of his arrest. I added some things like height and weight to make it more realistic for a “mug shot” with the paint program.

ds106 assingment


Robert Slyvester Kelly age 39¬†was found nearly dead¬†33 stories below his high rise apartment in downtown Chicago last night. It was reported by numerous neighbors that he was stating that he¬†was stating over and over¬†“I believe I can fly” numerous times before taking the plunge. Neighbor Alex Anderson¬†had¬†reported he¬†said “If I can see it then I can do it, If I belive it there’s nothing to it.” Alex-“He is an interesting guy and has¬†a large imagination I just didnt think he would take it to such a level. There is¬†a large line between creativity and insanity. Maybe his creativity brought him to insantity.”His neighbors reported that they made many attempts to stop him before but ultimately was not able to stop him from his decision this time. His landing resulted in damage to the following property.

Property damaged: Canvas overhang of high rise bulding, Cost 10,000, 2012 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Coup. Color: Black, Total Value: 125,850

Robert Slyvester Kelly is charged with attempted sucide and is currently under psycological evalutaion.

He is also charged with destruction of property, Injury to Property(himself), Willful Malicious Destruction, And criminal damage. Damages exeeded over 100,000 dollars making it a felony.

Note: This photoshoped picture holds no truth and is in no way an attempt to defame nor any slander against R. Kelly. The portrail in this post is also fictional and in no way an attempt to defame nor change his depiction by reader’s or the public for that matter. This was solely for an assignment for class and only for that reason. Thank you and I hope there is no confusion. -Bryan Scott Wynn.