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Alan Turing is who I chose to write about of the 7 pioneers. Normally people start off with the starting of someones life. On the contrary I would like to pose some information that might interest the reader before becoming tired of reading the life to get to it.

He died of potassium cyanide poisoning from a half eaten apple… This substance is used in mining, photography and sometimes was used as a insecticide and organic synthesis. I know what you might be thinking.. insecticide on the plant, wasnt cleaned off. Wouldnt happen it was discovered back in 1807 Humphrey Davy. So they had known what this product did and what it was capable off. Could the government use it because he had lost his clearance and he had alot of first hand knowledge of alot of different technology he had a hand in? There was infact alot of controversy among the security officers because of the security risk he posed and his friends that he had all over the world. Possibly something could leak out… Now on the other hand he could have been depressed and done it but why at work in the middle of an electrolysis experiment. Well he did do studying and had a interest in morphogenesis and the form of development patterns in living organisms. Maybe he was conducting an experiment on himself. No matter what the reason the most odd thing about it all is that his mother claims “it was an accident”.

Now that you might be a little curious about this mans life and his contribution to related topics in class lets start at the beging.

This guy did logic, mathmatics, crytological work and also computer scientist. He is such a strong if not the most strongest reason why we are able to have the computer today. He had been apart of a lot of projects with both the united states and the British. But of the most significant he deciphered a lot of different codes that the germans were using during WW2. this method was called the bombe. He also did work for the united states for secure voice devices that are used even today (although slightly more advanced) in global positioning systems, and KYs (this link is just 1 of many types) that allow communication among aircraft and or land support to have a secure line. He had made many contributions and he had also been the creator of designs for the stored program computer called ACE. Although he had many amazing contributions and by most would be considered a hero for his input during ww2 he was found guilty of a penal code statute in 1952 in london. It was illegal to be homosexual and he had 2 choices, undergo treatment with female hormones(chemical castration) or serve time in prison. He chose to not go to prison. With this in mind it was not until 10 September of 2009 that a formal apology was made from the British government about the way Alan was treated after the war. That is 55 years later. By the way did I mention he was awarded O.B.E. Which is regarded as one of the most distinguished honors in England? For his devotion despite scrutiny and his contributions I thought that he was the most influential with his mathmatical genius and his basis for computing.