Daily Create 1
Everything Prior to Febuary 10, 2012

This daily create was to take a picture of something upside-down that normally is not that way. So what better thing than a windmill. These are not spread all over illinois to reduce emissions creating a cleaner environment hopefully at some point. I thought it would be a good picture because they stand tall and catch the wind a certain way for it to spin. Seeing it upside down gives it a odd look making it prime for this assignment.

Living room
TDC 30
The assignment was to take a picture of a place where you most commonly loose things. I choose a picture of my couch that is where I most commonly loose my change, or phone, or remote or all kinds of things that frustrate you for a few minutes sometimes hours to only find out it was under a cushion. But also rewarding is when you find the change you didnt think you have and then use it for something so its nice from both perspectives I guess. Another good thing is when friends are over and they loose their change. You then can save that change and then eventually buy something for the person out of no where then they wonder why and you tell them it is because they lost so much change in your couch. Ehh lets be honest that doesnt happen.. Ever lol.

Friends at home
What could make anyone happier than a chocolate factory? I dont know so this is the happiest moment being with my friends tearing up the sweets at the factory, after we had been drinking a while. None the less having a sweettooth there is no better place to take care of it then at this chocolate factory it would bring a smile to anyones face as soon as you walk in. And also they have a big Ice Cream bar also you can put whatever you want in it and they will make it for you… Awesome.