Febuary 18-24

TDC 36
How about some food served in an unconventional way. Well here we have a spoon and 2 huge dishes and a plastic tub. A little unconventional but gets the job done. I love tofu and this cold noodle. That lotus was delicious also you let it back in the oven with some pork, yakitori that was asparagus wrapped in bacon and cheese. A little wine to top it all off with some fish and then your all set for a evening, I might have had rice but I do not recall but I remember the bottle of wine was finished, I was disappointed when I wanted to drink some the following day.

TDC 37
One of the coolest places you will visit if you played with them when you were young. Lego Land. This picture is chicago, the detail is so cool and the fountain spraying into the air. I just had to use this picture for this because its my city and I love playing with these thing when I was young. You can build anything imaginable Who would have thought they could depict a major city with them?

My Niece with ??
TDC 39
Bird, bird, bird is the word. This is my niece at a water park in chicago she had a blast and just had to have a picture with whoever this character is. So I am glad I took it because it sets it aside from the rest of the pictures people submit and gives it a little humor. Its nice to be a little different than everyone else that is taking pictures of nature. But I do have to say the person who took the picture of their middle finger gets the prize as far as I am concerned, that is inventive and hilarious!

My current job
TDC 42
My current job is to study. I am in school but I was in the military for 8 years. It has been quite the transition but I am slowly getting acquainted to making a schedule and trying to meet deadlines. Although I am still working on it and have quite a ways to go I hope by the end of this semester and starting the next semester I will be able to have a nice hand on everything. If there is one thing I do not like is to be disappointed with myself. I Aspire to do the best I can with what time and what capabilities I am given without stressing myself to much.

TDC 41
This is not only my best kept secret but it is also Chicago’s best kept secret. It is my prized possession for sure. I love this place there is not one thing that you can order there that you will not like unless it was only a condiment. If you ever visit chicago you have to try a hotdog, or italian beef, hot. Or a combo, or the other half of it is a place called Barnelli’s and they serve the best bbq ribs you will eat in your entire life. Salads are amazing, pasta. it is defiantly my most prize possession! I am hungry and I miss it now!!!!