Feburary 11th-17th

I WANT!!!!!
TDC 32
If this is not in fact something you aspire to drive someday then I have no idea what is wrong with you! LOL kidding I love this car in fact I love both of these cars I took this picture while I was in chicago a few months ago along with many more. Although this car has significance as a status symbol I aspire to become a business man in a foreign country and do well. I just would like to earn enough to have a dream car and take care of family.

TDC 33
I took this photo of my nephew when I was visiting chicago last. He was just confused and mesmerized by this plasma thing and was playing with it for a good 30 minutes. I would be bored after a minute or so but he loved it. It was a nice to see him he had grown up so much I did not see him for 5 years!

My hand
TDC 34
This is a wonderful detailed shot of my hand. There are many marks because I broke it 4 times for numerous reasons. Its amazing the difference you feel when your younger and how it gets tight in the cold or when you type a long time. I think back and well I do not see an alternative to what happened but the days do go on and we learn from our mistakes. I will always see and feel mine.