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The sentence I chose was ” The “progress” that higer education achieved with massive turnkey online systems, especially with the LMA actually moved in the opposite direction.”

The best example of this we had in class today was Blackboard online with our school. No one uses it, no one is familier with it and its largest benefit is for the Professors themselves to make it easier for thier maintaining students and grades.

There is alot of potential for the internet and mediums for beneficial reasons that can encourage more education and skills, along with challenging for the search of information. Right now it is not used in the correct manner and is not used to its fullest potential. I do the best I can with it although I am rusty as for the upcoming generations I can only hope that they will be able to learn to more of there advantage when the mediums are used in a different way. Challenges, and creativity and education is what molds us into different people that create the CEOs, or amazing artists. These fundementals should be concentrated upon more today. and within this sentence it explains that although there have been improvements it also created setbacks as well. It reached a point where it was no longer used as a educational tool and strictly for information search or as a distraction. It needs to be brought back into an educational tool.



I chose to do a design assignment through ds106. The objective is to take a word and manipulate the letters to corrorlate with the word. So I decided to use pouring.

First I made the letter P the biggest to give the sense of it as the full pitcher or glass.

Then I wrote each letter of the word to look like a pouring motion. Making the letters smaller as they decend to there ultimate destination which is the last letter to collect all together again like a liquid on the floor or another glass getting filled up.

I used ms paint which is not as good as photoshop because you can actually twist the words on it and it makes it a better look. The computer I am using and my mac unfortunatly doesnt have this so i was left to use paint making my letters one by one which took more time than acutally doing the whole word and manipulating it all at once. It a simple assignment but takes time in order to get the look that you want.

This original was created by glitch But I modified the image for a DS106 assignment. I loved it because he is a childhood figure giving the bird.

The ds106 assignment was a mashup that was to make your own album cover out of a pre existing one. The others were boring  and this was loud and thought it would get alot of attention. We were to remix it and make it something different. The prior person made it a lazer hood. I wanted to make it just his hood.

I started by photoshoping making it look like grafiti brushed out the lazer and made is say “come check out my hood” instead. Kind of gangster.

Then added a few featuring songs manipulated some colors, some red circles kinda like bullet holes and highlited the finger more. This image was halarious and I had to use it, I wrote the person who created this as mentioned above so the real credit for the majority of the work was put in by him. I just made some minor modifications for the assignment. I remember Mr. Rogers hood when I was a kid. Looking at how old school it is now its funny making fun of him with this album cover. Could you ever imagine him as a rapper? I think a good assigment might be to make a rap using his voice somehow lol if they have it.

Those shoes he always wore, but never the same pair it seemed, or how about that mail man that never failed to show up, takin the train to imagination land with those talking puppets, those sweaters he was obsessed with lol. Interesting times and programs. Next time I might have to do reading rainbow lol.

I would put a picture but I would not want to spoil the surprise that we will unveil on wednesday. But discussing the research for it is fun and interesting. My part in finding information about twitter was interesting. I never even heard of the device that Jack Dorsey mentions the RIM 850. this little device is a simple device that would kind of resemble a blackberry but far from the same advancement. This little device was kind of an inspiration but was not the ultimate one, SMS inspired his ideas and slowly made provisions making it what it is today. It was a way to have real time live updates about your life. Happenings, meetings, could be for business, personal just as a way to vent or gossip. It is quite the invention if you are comfortable with promoting your personal issues to many in hopes of feed back or maybe its because your lonely but have many followers on a particular subject that gives you some sort of fulfilment. Regardless of the reasoning behind your answer the key is that you have one. What does that mean? Well in one way or another Twitter has affected all of us in class whether we like it or not, it is a way of determining you grade, its a way to communicate with others in class. Its a way to vent from class for some of you, and its a way to start rumors about fake tests or pop quizzes for others. No matter the reason good or bad the development of it has suited its owner with its current implementations in to society today. This idea is also the starting point and building blocks to many new features to come in our future. It is technology like twitter that is a good example of WEB 2.0 and how it instills its position in society with out some people turning their head, while at light speed sparking ideas and interests of many people throughout the world. Twitter is not only an interesting way to communicate but follow also, maybe you have favorite actors, or singers, well chances are you can find them on twitter, giving you first hand knowledge on gossip, or rumors, or actual events that are going on with your favorite individual. All of these different features inspire and create interest not only in the minds of people who enjoy the internet but think of this threw a media standpoint. A phone call from the opposite side of the world is 1 thing but a quick little message sent right away about a certain topic you have been writing about just broke with someone you follow. There are many examples of what implementations and uses there are with this and it will only gain respect and more attention as technology builds a skyscraper compared to the generation of what we know now.

As the world is Turing

First of all before I get into my blog I just would like to say how much I f#$%ing hate word press(for not having a undo button)because I had a very nice article written (we all can believe what we want) and by highlighting and pressing the enter button infact deletes all of your text and does not move it down below the picture that you have that you would like to be the first thing on your post. So wordpress if you dont mind how about a undo button. If there is infact a way to find that I dont know about please enlighten me because I am not familiar with it. -venting complete and now for the assignment in relation to the picture.

Alan Turing is who I chose to write about of the 7 pioneers. Normally people start off with the starting of someones life. On the contrary I would like to pose some information that might interest the reader before becoming tired of reading the life to get to it.

He died of potassium cyanide poisoning from a half eaten apple… This substance is used in mining, photography and sometimes was used as a insecticide and organic synthesis. I know what you might be thinking.. insecticide on the plant, wasnt cleaned off. Wouldnt happen it was discovered back in 1807 Humphrey Davy. So they had known what this product did and what it was capable off. Could the government use it because he had lost his clearance and he had alot of first hand knowledge of alot of different technology he had a hand in? There was infact alot of controversy among the security officers because of the security risk he posed and his friends that he had all over the world. Possibly something could leak out… Now on the other hand he could have been depressed and done it but why at work in the middle of an electrolysis experiment. Well he did do studying and had a interest in morphogenesis and the form of development patterns in living organisms. Maybe he was conducting an experiment on himself. No matter what the reason the most odd thing about it all is that his mother claims “it was an accident”.

Now that you might be a little curious about this mans life and his contribution to related topics in class lets start at the beging.

This guy did logic, mathmatics, crytological work and also computer scientist. He is such a strong if not the most strongest reason why we are able to have the computer today. He had been apart of a lot of projects with both the united states and the British. But of the most significant he deciphered a lot of different codes that the germans were using during WW2. this method was called the bombe. He also did work for the united states for secure voice devices that are used even today (although slightly more advanced) in global positioning systems, and KYs (this link is just 1 of many types) that allow communication among aircraft and or land support to have a secure line. He had made many contributions and he had also been the creator of designs for the stored program computer called ACE. Although he had many amazing contributions and by most would be considered a hero for his input during ww2 he was found guilty of a penal code statute in 1952 in london. It was illegal to be homosexual and he had 2 choices, undergo treatment with female hormones(chemical castration) or serve time in prison. He chose to not go to prison. With this in mind it was not until 10 September of 2009 that a formal apology was made from the British government about the way Alan was treated after the war. That is 55 years later. By the way did I mention he was awarded O.B.E. Which is regarded as one of the most distinguished honors in England? For his devotion despite scrutiny and his contributions I thought that he was the most influential with his mathmatical genius and his basis for computing.

Am I still online?

           This picture pretty much sums up my internet. I downloaded it online with a search of burning computers on google images. I have an email account along with facebook. I know how to contact people and that is it. I remember my first experience with computers when I was young inserting a huge disk to play a game. How about Oregon Trail (original) later to come leisure suit larry and a few more fun and exiting games(sarcastic). Primarily the computer for me was a way to make documents and find things needed for research papers and keeping in touch with friends. I have been out of the loop with any new updates with the internet for about 5 years. I had been in the military for 8 years and had not had much exposure to what a blog is or tweet or all the other names there are for whatever else is out there. So with that said I am looking forward to expanding my knowledge and exposure to the internet and what benefits it will have with my degree I am seeking(International Business).