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A farewell to CIS 0835

I did this for additional points for blogging and because it was important to put something about the class before leaving it. Although the letter I wrote for my final kind of sums it up having a page dedicated to the actual class I thought would be more meaningful.

This class has helped me alot become more familiar with how to use a computer and how to become familiar with the internet. I had no idea about soundcloud, flicker, or twitter, or alot of all these different ways people essentially enjoy their pass time or enjoy to let off a little steam. I had no idea what a blog is until i entered this class. That is pretty bad when your not familiar with recent technology. It is very important to be familiar with it not only from a job standpoint but just day to day social interaction. Social groups are formed (whether we know it or not) on our education in relation to interest. For example you wont find somone who is extreemly interested in finance and someone who is interested in animation speaking to eachtoher so much. They are educated in different ways. But understanding different aspects makes you available for discussion in more social groups increasing interaction and also possible networking in the future.

Friendship is important and so is networking, the more people you know the better because who knows what kind of opportunities you will need or others will have in the future. That in itself makes this class truely beneficial.

Another thing that is good about this class is being under time constraints and creates a sense of urgency that people need. That pressure is important when you get to the work force. For instance I had no idea literally how to do anything on the net when I took this class, although I had no idea I was still required to push through it by any means neccessary to make sure I get the projects done. My grade depended on it so I did everything I could possible to educate myself with the tools available to ensure that I make my way to becoming a better student in the class.

I will take the knowlege learned and apply it to my future in business and my social interactions, so when people talk about  these types of things in the work place or everyday life I have a handel on it and I will continue my education on it. Thank you very much for the class and I wish you good luck in the future Professor Lockman. Always remember when one door closes another opens, and I am sure that they will find another way that you will be apart of in the future once they realize the importance of the class.



A Phd in English Lit, from U of Michigan.Bryan Alexanders video researches about emerging trends in technology and education. He talks about how he works non profit, and travels and learns from many students and faculty. Making him aextreemly reliable source for information with regard to this. Power point and how it is the lingua franc of our time. Emerging technology has significance in todays society but difficult to hear about sometimes.

A new invention replaces something else but not always that way, four futures of higher education is his main point. He speaks about the declining industries and shows some demographics. Different ways to do analysis. Anyway main points are scenarios alt residential, phantom learning, renaissance, and lost decade and I am to choose one to envision my life in.  alt residential and phantom learning are similar tbh. its about blended learning, online classes/schools instead or vs. traditional brick and mortar schools, augmented reality incorporated into day to day life and in schools.

With this in mind I think that the majority of learning will be from home. I think the cost of teaching, paying salaries, building schools and having a structure will slowly be cut. We already look for every possible aspect to save money. If the majority of this information was shared then everyone could partake in it cost free with the exeption of internet and a computer at home. Maybe online tutoring threw skype classes attendance take and instead of it being in a classroom its online.

Another thing is what if in the future technology became so good that we could infact download the information and apply it to ourselves. I am not a computer kind of guy and not the most technologically advanced when it comes to trinkets lucky to have a music player honestly. But the things i see and the things people are willing to endure for education, or looks or whatever are very extreeme. What if people could hook up a usb and within seconds know different math applications just downloaded directly to your brain? Or how about an external device because so much information could not be downloaded to the brain and you use an external hard drive. Now that sounds crazy but look at a 8 gig  thumbdrive, when I was in highschool i dont even think there were computers out that had 1 gig of space, let alone 8. It is amazing with robotronics, people have mobility in lost limbs threw brain activity. Take that to a whole new level with information.

Now that would be to easy, society would fall because there would be a large difficulty to desciper who the better canidate is for a job, the information is attainable by everyone. What purpose would everyone be working for. So many factors to take into effect. But the future holds so much its a little scary and nerve racking. But one thing is for sure, I see alot more home schooling and skype teaching with lesson plans on computers for the future generations. That is for sure.

This article gives light of personal cyber infrastructure. Every student getting their own cyber world just diving into all aspects of cyberspace. This idea is actually great, I am not that good with computers, these blogs, let alone these assignments. Partly because of interest although there would be much more interest in it if I was better at it. Just like a sport you will choose not to do it if your not good at it most of the time. But with this cyber infrastructure idea gets the new generation doggie paddeling in all aspects of it preparing them for this new digital future.

The future is Web, it is the typing, the surfing of the net, the writting languages of html, and programing, critical aspects that the majority of people atleast in my age group have no idea about. I am only 29 years old and I remember the computers we had in school lol. I can not belive that there is no delay in my text as i write this blog, I didnt know what a blog was. I wish I was better prepared in my early years for all it has came to be today. I think this idea of personal cyber infrastructure can do just that and more.

When you have a group try this out and become successful at it, because in time it will be it opens doors to other new possibilities. Advancing technology and education for future generations. I think every possible aspect that can be pursued through education should be taken. This model that is so delicately put together demonstrates a gateway to that and a possible opening door to a new day and age for not only the United States but the world.

This would in turn also make everything more efficent also with everything at your fingertips. Optimization of time is pertinate and is looked for not only by companies but also on an everyday basis. We want to enjoy the majority of our day and the more efficent it is, the more we accomplish the more we feel better about what we did that day. This idea is a stepping stone in that direction because it is now a digital age, and with the new wave in the future who knows what it could be.

For the small price of 7.99 a month, we pay more than that in taxes now anyway it might as well go to a good cause.



I read the article about Stuxnet virus and what it did to Iran’s Nuclear Power Plant. Adam wrote about this for his presentation. After reading the article on the fox news website, I thought to myself what if this happened to all the nuclear power plants in the United states. Now I am not sad about the fact that Irans nuclear facility has found some set backs by any means. I would prefer them not ot have a nuclear program at all. As for this same thing happening to us though, the majority of our power in the states is comprised of Nuclear Energy. I would not be surprised that we have the most Nuclear energy in the world currently. But taking a step back for a minute if there is this type of capability out there.

Then maybe there are already much other ones in the mix. Everything is done on computers, financial data, Social Security numbers, history, birthdays, although some of these things we give away freely on a personal website. Everything is becoming attainable at a set of finger tips. That is a little scary to me. There are many ways to have wars, this one could be devastating for a country because, gas, power, water, internet, i mean logistics for many grocery stores. If they were able to be shut off that would have a detrimental effect on an country. Those are all essential needs, local areas could provide but only for so long. The majority also move money via internet. Now being able to take out all of these things at once would be quite the task. But completely attainable in the future I have no doubt.

Now getting into a different side of this, would it not be the same as dropping a nuclear bomb on the area if that factory were to be in operational condition and over heat because of malfunctions and cause a mass amount of danger to the particular area as well as the vast majority of its surroundings and everyones atmosphere.

The article also speaks about Duqu and 3 others created. If this is true then possibly the combination of all could be even worse? I am not sure how this sort of stuff works but its extremely interesting that people have capabilities in a place other than a lab, or a place with a lot of computers. What is required to concoct such a design? Regardless I am less concerned of someone stealing pictures on my computer when in the future it is possible to control a society via computers. I say we go back to the old days lol cash and trade. But then no one would be able to live with out internet, communication would be difficult over seas, all that we worked hard to acquire there are always people out there working to tear it back down, although that might not be the intention inadvertently could be the ultimate outcome.

A crowded train

I am from chicago and I thought sometimes the subway gets a little crowded on the L or what not but after being in japan I feel as if it is a herd of cattle being pushed into a railroad car to be slaughtered. I love Japan, the food, the people, the culture, but my if there is 1 thing that I hate and is impossible to get used to is the train during peak times. I live 1hr and 45 min away.

So for this time as some might have a nice casual seat while studying their material, I am standing well above a head taller than everyone else, larger, and personal space is what was respected most I guess in the states in comparison to here. So of coarse it has taken alot of getting use to, but even after 5 years I can attribute to still not ever being comfortable in any situation unless its among an entire train full of attractive women. Then I think the ride might be a bit more comfortable, but that will never happen. In addition to this you consider germs, peoples personal habits, colds, flus, sickness and combine it with these closed quarters. I found this picture on google that just sums up everything perfectly lol. Now although this photo is taken in Jakarta indonesia it still makes the point of the feeling I have ridding the train here. I am glad though that I dont have to hang on to the outside like shown here lol. That is a little dangerous and halarious at the same time.

With all this in mind I recently came up with a way to combat it as I have seen many of the Japanese do and master. I close my eyes and go to a happy place pretending I am not being smushed between 1000 different people. I just let my body relax and enjoy the falling back and forth as the multiple stops go by with the coming crowds. The best is the people who smell like they havent showered in days, once in a while you will get a crazy person next to you that shouts or does something extreemly out of the ordinary.

Dispite all of these things there is one thing to be said about Japanese in different to Americans. They have mastered the art of not letting anythign distract them. When they are smashed, twisted, buckled, in their happy place they go to its just a relaxing time til you suddenly wake up at your stop. For me, I have a long way to go but my training after 5 years has begun I hope I master it soon because sometimes I feel like I might end up like one of the crazy people I stand next to sometimes!

I was not aware of the desparation and great lenghts people travel to in order to support such an addiction. I also was not aware of all the ramafications it entails and affects it has on peoples lives. Delilah‘s presentation was alarmingly abundant with information while keeping the interstest on the topic at hand which is hard with the given subject. Her finformation from this website was incredibly informative and  goes to show how sick and decieving some people are. Delilah also spoke how the sexuality of women are changing and when things like this are watch it kind of makes the viewer emotionless to the topic at hand. Depending on what there fettish is. There is a large problem with human trafficing and porn. Children even are forced into situations into someone elses benefit which is appalling that people can have such mentalities to the suffereing of others children at that. Although there are many sick perferted twisted people out there. It is odd to see that the majority of the numbers given were people that are educated and also making more than 40,000 a  year! Could be almost anyone doing these types of things. She also has alot of information on her wordpress site. I dont think I will look at people the same anymore and always wonder to my self if they are a creeper or not.

What I honestly wonder is if it is this bad now, what will the generations to come have as problems with this area as technology becomes better?

For my project for FALO was to find an article on privacy and surveillance in regard to the web. I decided to talk about and present about an article that was written by the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) I posted a link inside the acronym to make it easy if you were interested what the ACLU really is. Their actual article gave much information to current laws that pretty much give open doors to the federal government and private local security firms, not to mention state and local entities also to basically watch your every move on the internet. Well I should not say you in particular I should just say people of “interest” deemed by someone somewhere in relation to an email, or a blog, or a website, or a search conducted created this person of interest file. Although there are millions of these that have been made.

Some of the people are on  a watch list, some get grounded and put on a no fly list, some are just not under investigation but are awaiting that one time with the one thing to just have the smallest excuse to use it ammunition for a investigation. Now there are multiple ways we can look at this. One if your conducting something illegal on the net then of coarse your going “blow the whistle” laws, constitution, over all fairness. But what do we consider this truly. Some people conduct business legitimately on the net and privacy is important because of cliental or figures, or information embarrassing for someone else. There are always 2 ways to look at everything, nothing to hide who cares look at it. What about people who are looking up porn and that is there ways to have some enjoyment in the privacy of their own home. Makes them feel like no one else is around, well someone is watching that person could be bothered by this. Some might feel its just an infringement of over all rights in the country. And some just enjoy the fight with the government. Regardless of the reason an individual my or may not argue the reason why it is happening in the first place is because people test infrastructure, steal money, manipulate people with this device. The internet is an amazing means of speaking to each other internationally and it is also a easy way to conduct crime. And with crime there are markers that can be followed just like foot steps in the snow. Now is it right? There are lines that have to be drawn yes. What about  on July 10, 2008 President Bush signed the FISA Amendments Act. Take a look at the article and see what happened to structure and checks and balances.

The hardest part of the law to understand is that it makes racial profiling ok. This is something that for years haunted the United States and caused great pain and grief for many that still today before these laws lingered. There are 2 ways to look at it, the rationality of the particular profiled group in relation to the crime it infers to. But with that in mind the psychological toll it has on the party that is profiled is profound not to mention everyone else lives there life like nothing is happening. But why not it doesn’t pertain to them. Morality should always trump rationality in my eyes. And the current laws in place are morally wrong. The crime rate might dwindle, the terrorist attacks might stop, drugs might not become just as readily available with there in-acts but the changes to society and the separation of people will grow larger.

People came to this country to enjoy their freedoms not to be put in a category. I want crime to stop, i dont want terrorist bringing more harm to my country. But more important than that is what I do want, and what I want is what anyone in the united states is entitled to and that is equality, and the freedoms that were written in a contract by its founders.  Here is a info-graph of information that is interesting also.

I read the interesting reading of Mr. O’Reilly and his Web 2.0, Initially when I read this I thought to myself what is honestly the deal with naming it whatever you want. A different version of anything has to be called something. As technology advances so does the systems we use in order to produce, find and promote data. The majority of information is on the internet for convience. Could you imagine not having the internet and doing a research project on different statistics on current, well anything? It would be nearly impossible and insanely time consuming opposed to having it at our fingertips in just a matter of seconds. Tim’s points are honestly countless, he gives many good examples but if you were to break it all down there are plenty more to be brought up. Major examples that are used in most everyones day to day lives are the best examples because they can relate and understand. The only way to teach or give an explanation is when you have a crowd that can understand, but you have to bare in mind the audiances experiance before you can make a ciriculum. Another good reason is to establish a timeline and a idea of how the criteria is advancing. If you were to have a program that was initally written simple but later advanced would you market the new thing with the same exact name or would you want people to  know that its infact new. You do this by giving it a new name, this new name establishes its new it also gives teh people who make the product a history of differences. Just as the differences of web 1.0 compared to web 2.0. These differences or “upgrades” are what decyphers the progress made with that particular product or thing. The major difference today is the ability to network. Google reader for example. Multiple people can change the same document that is amazing. This is completely different than our capabilities before and deserves some sort of distinguishing name to depict from prior abilites. I think this term solidifies a difference of then and now. I can recall attmepting to connect to the internet, and thinking why does it take so long. Now just as a phone conversation we can connect with freinds and family. A social networking shopping mall at your fingertips all offereing different features. I could never have imagined this when i was putting my big floppy in to play oregon trail! I see the future having such a difference than now. In my small generation I have seen technology have a significant change I could only imagine what could infact involve what Web 3.0 could end up being. The possiblities are endless!

My part of this Infograph was “Who are social gamers?” My section that I studied was the Education Section as seen below.

Infograph Feedback

Infograph Feedback

As can be seen here we look at the education of people who are social gaming. Before we break all these numbers apart we have a few things that we lack from all this. Sources, is the information accurate where it came from. It says mashable on the bottom but where do they aquire all of their information. And what games exactly are they talking about and what defines a game? Besides these facts there is another thing this information had to have been obtaind by what there profile says for the particular social network they were involved with assuming they were telling the truth about there degree. With many factors in mind. The evidence given is amazing, the majority of users if you were to break it down, 79% people who have some college or more are gaming.  Could that mean they are gaming while learning? the net have that much of an impact on us now? How much of a role does it play in peoples everyday life? Even better it states 43% of people who are gaming are college graduates. I personally thought the people who would be using this the most would be highschool or younger. I am not even familiar with social gaming. But then again I am apart of a little older generation and I am not accustomed to it resulting in my thought of the younger generation taking more of an interest.
A bit of a funny twist to it is that only 2% of people who have obtained a Doctorate are not playing these games so much, and you have to remember the amount of people who get a doctorate degree is smaller in the first place compared to the over all graduates. So the smarter you become the less there is a desire to play? Is it to simple or is more time comsumed with profession. Who knows?!
Steping back to the actual infograph itself its well put together and the graphs are a cool feature add a pie chart in there and all of a sudden I feel like im in the middle of a big business deal. Looks good well put together.