Dear Mr. Chairman of the IBE,

Currently you are currently in a difficult position on whether or not the class CIS0835 should continue next semeter or to be terminated. I hope somewhere inside this letter you find your decision to be much easier reguardless of the outcome. I write this letter to plead with you to keep this class, to allow students to become familiar with the technology that will accompany them to there jobs in the future upon their graduation.

This class gives confidence to those who are not familiar with the internet and introduces them to things such as blogging, how to build documentation that is able to be viewed by mulitple people, how to contact and stay in contact with one another, help people become more familiar with graphic design for those who pursue that route  and also to become familiar in the history of it. These different things tought in this class are important for individuality which builds us as a person,  not to be come a community of the same but for us all to be different.

This class gives people the tools that they will need if they pursue business, graphic design, computer programing, web design, and many other jobs. This is infact a introduction to this enviroment and students couldnt be tossed in water with out knowing how to swim. The same holds true to cyberspace, there are age groups ranging from all types and some have more familiarity than others when it comes to the net and computers. For this reason it is essential for a class such as this to still be implimented as a obligated part of any ciriculum reguardless of the desired major.

With this information in mind the future of education itself relies on the internet whether it is known or not. Much information is attainable at finger tips and soon education will and is currently be done on the internet. So students that are not learning about it now are at a strong disadvantage in the future and could potentially bring down employment rates even further. If you were to look at that in contrast to where the student recieved their education, I would think that the Academic establishment would not want alumni to be apart of that un employed party, rather apart of an elite group leading our future generations to a more prosperous and technologically advanced society. This class plays a part in becoming familiar to make that happen.

So again I ask lets not shut it down lets figure out how it can be made better and open ourselves up for the future of education starting right here, right now.

-Concerned student for future generations and graduates of this institution

I chose this photograph because it looks futuristic and fun just as this course is, and of coarse the sculpture is located in my hometown chicago. The owner of the photo laudu, also holds a license which are have rights reserved on it and did a great job taking the photo and kind of putting this warp futuristic twist on it. This reminds me of the difficulties that will be faced in the future with out the class being taken by future generations. it will become this pretzel that no one will know how to get out of.