This article gives light of personal cyber infrastructure. Every student getting their own cyber world just diving into all aspects of cyberspace. This idea is actually great, I am not that good with computers, these blogs, let alone these assignments. Partly because of interest although there would be much more interest in it if I was better at it. Just like a sport you will choose not to do it if your not good at it most of the time. But with this cyber infrastructure idea gets the new generation doggie paddeling in all aspects of it preparing them for this new digital future.

The future is Web, it is the typing, the surfing of the net, the writting languages of html, and programing, critical aspects that the majority of people atleast in my age group have no idea about. I am only 29 years old and I remember the computers we had in school lol. I can not belive that there is no delay in my text as i write this blog, I didnt know what a blog was. I wish I was better prepared in my early years for all it has came to be today. I think this idea of personal cyber infrastructure can do just that and more.

When you have a group try this out and become successful at it, because in time it will be it opens doors to other new possibilities. Advancing technology and education for future generations. I think every possible aspect that can be pursued through education should be taken. This model that is so delicately put together demonstrates a gateway to that and a possible opening door to a new day and age for not only the United States but the world.

This would in turn also make everything more efficent also with everything at your fingertips. Optimization of time is pertinate and is looked for not only by companies but also on an everyday basis. We want to enjoy the majority of our day and the more efficent it is, the more we accomplish the more we feel better about what we did that day. This idea is a stepping stone in that direction because it is now a digital age, and with the new wave in the future who knows what it could be.

For the small price of 7.99 a month, we pay more than that in taxes now anyway it might as well go to a good cause.