A Phd in English Lit, from U of Michigan.Bryan Alexanders video researches about emerging trends in technology and education. He talks about how he works non profit, and travels and learns from many students and faculty. Making him aextreemly reliable source for information with regard to this. Power point and how it is the lingua franc of our time. Emerging technology has significance in todays society but difficult to hear about sometimes.

A new invention replaces something else but not always that way, four futures of higher education is his main point. He speaks about the declining industries and shows some demographics. Different ways to do analysis. Anyway main points are scenarios alt residential, phantom learning, renaissance, and lost decade and I am to choose one to envision my life in.  alt residential and phantom learning are similar tbh. its about blended learning, online classes/schools instead or vs. traditional brick and mortar schools, augmented reality incorporated into day to day life and in schools.

With this in mind I think that the majority of learning will be from home. I think the cost of teaching, paying salaries, building schools and having a structure will slowly be cut. We already look for every possible aspect to save money. If the majority of this information was shared then everyone could partake in it cost free with the exeption of internet and a computer at home. Maybe online tutoring threw skype classes attendance take and instead of it being in a classroom its online.

Another thing is what if in the future technology became so good that we could infact download the information and apply it to ourselves. I am not a computer kind of guy and not the most technologically advanced when it comes to trinkets lucky to have a music player honestly. But the things i see and the things people are willing to endure for education, or looks or whatever are very extreeme. What if people could hook up a usb and within seconds know different math applications just downloaded directly to your brain? Or how about an external device because so much information could not be downloaded to the brain and you use an external hard drive. Now that sounds crazy but look at a 8 gig  thumbdrive, when I was in highschool i dont even think there were computers out that had 1 gig of space, let alone 8. It is amazing with robotronics, people have mobility in lost limbs threw brain activity. Take that to a whole new level with information.

Now that would be to easy, society would fall because there would be a large difficulty to desciper who the better canidate is for a job, the information is attainable by everyone. What purpose would everyone be working for. So many factors to take into effect. But the future holds so much its a little scary and nerve racking. But one thing is for sure, I see alot more home schooling and skype teaching with lesson plans on computers for the future generations. That is for sure.