The sentence I chose was ” The “progress” that higer education achieved with massive turnkey online systems, especially with the LMA actually moved in the opposite direction.”

The best example of this we had in class today was Blackboard online with our school. No one uses it, no one is familier with it and its largest benefit is for the Professors themselves to make it easier for thier maintaining students and grades.

There is alot of potential for the internet and mediums for beneficial reasons that can encourage more education and skills, along with challenging for the search of information. Right now it is not used in the correct manner and is not used to its fullest potential. I do the best I can with it although I am rusty as for the upcoming generations I can only hope that they will be able to learn to more of there advantage when the mediums are used in a different way. Challenges, and creativity and education is what molds us into different people that create the CEOs, or amazing artists. These fundementals should be concentrated upon more today. and within this sentence it explains that although there have been improvements it also created setbacks as well. It reached a point where it was no longer used as a educational tool and strictly for information search or as a distraction. It needs to be brought back into an educational tool.