I read the article about Stuxnet virus and what it did to Iran’s Nuclear Power Plant. Adam wrote about this for his presentation. After reading the article on the fox news website, I thought to myself what if this happened to all the nuclear power plants in the United states. Now I am not sad about the fact that Irans nuclear facility has found some set backs by any means. I would prefer them not ot have a nuclear program at all. As for this same thing happening to us though, the majority of our power in the states is comprised of Nuclear Energy. I would not be surprised that we have the most Nuclear energy in the world currently. But taking a step back for a minute if there is this type of capability out there.

Then maybe there are already much other ones in the mix. Everything is done on computers, financial data, Social Security numbers, history, birthdays, although some of these things we give away freely on a personal website. Everything is becoming attainable at a set of finger tips. That is a little scary to me. There are many ways to have wars, this one could be devastating for a country because, gas, power, water, internet, i mean logistics for many grocery stores. If they were able to be shut off that would have a detrimental effect on an country. Those are all essential needs, local areas could provide but only for so long. The majority also move money via internet. Now being able to take out all of these things at once would be quite the task. But completely attainable in the future I have no doubt.

Now getting into a different side of this, would it not be the same as dropping a nuclear bomb on the area if that factory were to be in operational condition and over heat because of malfunctions and cause a mass amount of danger to the particular area as well as the vast majority of its surroundings and everyones atmosphere.

The article also speaks about Duqu and 3 others created. If this is true then possibly the combination of all could be even worse? I am not sure how this sort of stuff works but its extremely interesting that people have capabilities in a place other than a lab, or a place with a lot of computers. What is required to concoct such a design? Regardless I am less concerned of someone stealing pictures on my computer when in the future it is possible to control a society via computers. I say we go back to the old days lol cash and trade. But then no one would be able to live with out internet, communication would be difficult over seas, all that we worked hard to acquire there are always people out there working to tear it back down, although that might not be the intention inadvertently could be the ultimate outcome.