No I am not married this is a family thing.

This writting assignment was to take a picture and write about the emotional significance it has in your life for ds106. I chose to take a picture of the ring I wear around my neck.

The gold ring was forged for my great grandfather and passed down through out the years. I wear it in rememberance that family comes first. Most people mistaken it for marriage or something like that. But it is infact for just remembering family is first no matter what. I will wear a separate ring on my finger someday if I ever get married. But the ring is meant to be close to the heart, closest place is around my neck so that is where I keep it.

I remember when I initally got it, each of  us have the same middle name also. But when I first got it my father fingers are huge so each of us are different so everyone had it resized. I know my grandfathers was also big. There were so many sizes it had to go down in order to fit mine. I can only hope if I have a son someday that he to will have roughly the same size finger to make it easier to pass it down along with my middle name. The tradition might infact go beyond my great grandfather but the only living people I recall wearing it were those individuals. I think having somethign passed down is important for everyone with children to have a story about family and values. It also establishes a bond that can be passed down to further generations.

Although all of them with the exeption of my father have passed when I wear the ring I feel them with me, with protection, and courage thew the hard times I had when I was in the military keeping me safe in all situations. The significance of it could never be replaced and I look forward to passing it also someday.