This original was created by glitch But I modified the image for a DS106 assignment. I loved it because he is a childhood figure giving the bird.

The ds106 assignment was a mashup that was to make your own album cover out of a pre existing one. The others were boring  and this was loud and thought it would get alot of attention. We were to remix it and make it something different. The prior person made it a lazer hood. I wanted to make it just his hood.

I started by photoshoping making it look like grafiti brushed out the lazer and made is say “come check out my hood” instead. Kind of gangster.

Then added a few featuring songs manipulated some colors, some red circles kinda like bullet holes and highlited the finger more. This image was halarious and I had to use it, I wrote the person who created this as mentioned above so the real credit for the majority of the work was put in by him. I just made some minor modifications for the assignment. I remember Mr. Rogers hood when I was a kid. Looking at how old school it is now its funny making fun of him with this album cover. Could you ever imagine him as a rapper? I think a good assigment might be to make a rap using his voice somehow lol if they have it.

Those shoes he always wore, but never the same pair it seemed, or how about that mail man that never failed to show up, takin the train to imagination land with those talking puppets, those sweaters he was obsessed with lol. Interesting times and programs. Next time I might have to do reading rainbow lol.