I was not aware of the desparation and great lenghts people travel to in order to support such an addiction. I also was not aware of all the ramafications it entails and affects it has on peoples lives. Delilah‘s presentation was alarmingly abundant with information while keeping the interstest on the topic at hand which is hard with the given subject. Her finformation from this website was incredibly informative and  goes to show how sick and decieving some people are. Delilah also spoke how the sexuality of women are changing and when things like this are watch it kind of makes the viewer emotionless to the topic at hand. Depending on what there fettish is. There is a large problem with human trafficing and porn. Children even are forced into situations into someone elses benefit which is appalling that people can have such mentalities to the suffereing of others children at that. Although there are many sick perferted twisted people out there. It is odd to see that the majority of the numbers given were people that are educated and also making more than 40,000 a  year! Could be almost anyone doing these types of things. She also has alot of information on her wordpress site. I dont think I will look at people the same anymore and always wonder to my self if they are a creeper or not.

What I honestly wonder is if it is this bad now, what will the generations to come have as problems with this area as technology becomes better?