For my project for FALO was to find an article on privacy and surveillance in regard to the web. I decided to talk about and present about an article that was written by the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) I posted a link inside the acronym to make it easy if you were interested what the ACLU really is. Their actual article gave much information to current laws that pretty much give open doors to the federal government and private local security firms, not to mention state and local entities also to basically watch your every move on the internet. Well I should not say you in particular I should just say people of “interest” deemed by someone somewhere in relation to an email, or a blog, or a website, or a search conducted created this person of interest file. Although there are millions of these that have been made.

Some of the people are on  a watch list, some get grounded and put on a no fly list, some are just not under investigation but are awaiting that one time with the one thing to just have the smallest excuse to use it ammunition for a investigation. Now there are multiple ways we can look at this. One if your conducting something illegal on the net then of coarse your going “blow the whistle” laws, constitution, over all fairness. But what do we consider this truly. Some people conduct business legitimately on the net and privacy is important because of cliental or figures, or information embarrassing for someone else. There are always 2 ways to look at everything, nothing to hide who cares look at it. What about people who are looking up porn and that is there ways to have some enjoyment in the privacy of their own home. Makes them feel like no one else is around, well someone is watching that person could be bothered by this. Some might feel its just an infringement of over all rights in the country. And some just enjoy the fight with the government. Regardless of the reason an individual my or may not argue the reason why it is happening in the first place is because people test infrastructure, steal money, manipulate people with this device. The internet is an amazing means of speaking to each other internationally and it is also a easy way to conduct crime. And with crime there are markers that can be followed just like foot steps in the snow. Now is it right? There are lines that have to be drawn yes. What about  on July 10, 2008 President Bush signed the FISA Amendments Act. Take a look at the article and see what happened to structure and checks and balances.

The hardest part of the law to understand is that it makes racial profiling ok. This is something that for years haunted the United States and caused great pain and grief for many that still today before these laws lingered. There are 2 ways to look at it, the rationality of the particular profiled group in relation to the crime it infers to. But with that in mind the psychological toll it has on the party that is profiled is profound not to mention everyone else lives there life like nothing is happening. But why not it doesn’t pertain to them. Morality should always trump rationality in my eyes. And the current laws in place are morally wrong. The crime rate might dwindle, the terrorist attacks might stop, drugs might not become just as readily available with there in-acts but the changes to society and the separation of people will grow larger.

People came to this country to enjoy their freedoms not to be put in a category. I want crime to stop, i dont want terrorist bringing more harm to my country. But more important than that is what I do want, and what I want is what anyone in the united states is entitled to and that is equality, and the freedoms that were written in a contract by its founders.  Here is a info-graph of information that is interesting also.