I would put a picture but I would not want to spoil the surprise that we will unveil on wednesday. But discussing the research for it is fun and interesting. My part in finding information about twitter was interesting. I never even heard of the device that Jack Dorsey mentions the RIM 850. this little device is a simple device that would kind of resemble a blackberry but far from the same advancement. This little device was kind of an inspiration but was not the ultimate one, SMS inspired his ideas and slowly made provisions making it what it is today. It was a way to have real time live updates about your life. Happenings, meetings, could be for business, personal just as a way to vent or gossip. It is quite the invention if you are comfortable with promoting your personal issues to many in hopes of feed back or maybe its because your lonely but have many followers on a particular subject that gives you some sort of fulfilment. Regardless of the reasoning behind your answer the key is that you have one. What does that mean? Well in one way or another Twitter has affected all of us in class whether we like it or not, it is a way of determining you grade, its a way to communicate with others in class. Its a way to vent from class for some of you, and its a way to start rumors about fake tests or pop quizzes for others. No matter the reason good or bad the development of it has suited its owner with its current implementations in to society today. This idea is also the starting point and building blocks to many new features to come in our future. It is technology like twitter that is a good example of WEB 2.0 and how it instills its position in society with out some people turning their head, while at light speed sparking ideas and interests of many people throughout the world. Twitter is not only an interesting way to communicate but follow also, maybe you have favorite actors, or singers, well chances are you can find them on twitter, giving you first hand knowledge on gossip, or rumors, or actual events that are going on with your favorite individual. All of these different features inspire and create interest not only in the minds of people who enjoy the internet but think of this threw a media standpoint. A phone call from the opposite side of the world is 1 thing but a quick little message sent right away about a certain topic you have been writing about just broke with someone you follow. There are many examples of what implementations and uses there are with this and it will only gain respect and more attention as technology builds a skyscraper compared to the generation of what we know now.