I read the interesting reading of Mr. O’Reilly and his Web 2.0, Initially when I read this I thought to myself what is honestly the deal with naming it whatever you want. A different version of anything has to be called something. As technology advances so does the systems we use in order to produce, find and promote data. The majority of information is on the internet for convience. Could you imagine not having the internet and doing a research project on different statistics on current, well anything? It would be nearly impossible and insanely time consuming opposed to having it at our fingertips in just a matter of seconds. Tim’s points are honestly countless, he gives many good examples but if you were to break it all down there are plenty more to be brought up. Major examples that are used in most everyones day to day lives are the best examples because they can relate and understand. The only way to teach or give an explanation is when you have a crowd that can understand, but you have to bare in mind the audiances experiance before you can make a ciriculum. Another good reason is to establish a timeline and a idea of how the criteria is advancing. If you were to have a program that was initally written simple but later advanced would you market the new thing with the same exact name or would you want people to  know that its infact new. You do this by giving it a new name, this new name establishes its new it also gives teh people who make the product a history of differences. Just as the differences of web 1.0 compared to web 2.0. These differences or “upgrades” are what decyphers the progress made with that particular product or thing. The major difference today is the ability to network. Google reader for example. Multiple people can change the same document that is amazing. This is completely different than our capabilities before and deserves some sort of distinguishing name to depict from prior abilites. I think this term solidifies a difference of then and now. I can recall attmepting to connect to the internet, and thinking why does it take so long. Now just as a phone conversation we can connect with freinds and family. A social networking shopping mall at your fingertips all offereing different features. I could never have imagined this when i was putting my big floppy in to play oregon trail! I see the future having such a difference than now. In my small generation I have seen technology have a significant change I could only imagine what could infact involve what Web 3.0 could end up being. The possiblities are endless!