Interesting title right? This ds106 assignment is a writting assignment called 3 word wednesday.

The requirements: You must go to a separate website that posts 3 words every wednesday and you tie them together by writting something about the 3. It can essentially be anything as long as you use all 3 words. I chose to do a poem with them because it is odd and well anything else besides somethign artistic would be odd using these 3 words. Before you read the end can you guess the 3 words?

A razor so sharp, exact and so fine.

I start slicing my flesh, but I take my time.

I lose control and cut deeply inside, but I soon realize the blood is not mine.

I worry and panic,  and hide all I can, but eventually I  become hopeless and pay for my crime.

I am now in the pen serving a dime, it has been more than a week since Ive seen the sun shine.

Looking back through all the thoughts left behind, I wish there was a way to put my life in rewind.

For what its worth I will bare it in mind, and my steps through my future I will always be kind.

Freak anyone out? I didnt pick the 3 words to use that made up this assignment but I still enjoyed this assignment gives you some creativity and to through a little odd things in there to make it interesting and people want to read it and talk about it. I enjoy making poems.  Do something durastic. The 3 words were flesh, razor, and control.  I unfortunatly could not bring myself to putting an image to go with this poem because it would be horrific and the poem alone will set people on edge LOL. Enjoy and remember it’s only an assignment.