Professor Lockman is Missing!!!!!!!!!!

Please Help Find Professor Lockman Before its to late!!


















Here I choose the design assignment but I made a twist of my own, instead of searching for Dr. Oblivion in honor of his birthday, and because of this hilarious picture I thought I would use our Professor. Can you help me find him? Or choose the best title for me lol.

The Process: First I found this wonderful picture via google images of our own Professor lockman. I then put it in to Gimp for mac. I also downloaded another image of ds106 that I used to put his face on as another layer. After that I added misc text to make it funny and put it on a layer of the checker board for the top to give it a little more backround.

I like this assignment because one I have our teachers picture on it with a really goofy set of glasses. I honestly thought of putting him in a large crowd dressed in white and read and making it a game… LOL “wheres lockman” instead of wheres waldo.

I gotta tell ya this has to be a picture that goes on a dating website I think he would get way to many hits what do you guys think? That should be a ds106 assignment to lol a dating profile made of a goofy picture of an individual.