I chose to write about R. Kelly’s “I beleive I can fly.” I chose this because it was funny to think about the sone in a different way. Normally the song means that you can do anything you put your mind to so to speak. But The twist of making it into a police report was fun because you can twist the words to make it sound like he is nuts. I started out by looking up the lyrics. The assignment was to write a police report to a songs lyrics. After that I looked up different possible offenses he would be charged with if he made the “leap of faith” literally. I found the photo at google images that I thought would be appropriate for this assignment because of his arrest. I added some things like height and weight to make it more realistic for a “mug shot” with the paint program.

ds106 assingment


Robert Slyvester Kelly age 39 was found nearly dead 33 stories below his high rise apartment in downtown Chicago last night. It was reported by numerous neighbors that he was stating that he was stating over and over “I believe I can fly” numerous times before taking the plunge. Neighbor Alex Anderson had reported he said “If I can see it then I can do it, If I belive it there’s nothing to it.” Alex-“He is an interesting guy and has a large imagination I just didnt think he would take it to such a level. There is a large line between creativity and insanity. Maybe his creativity brought him to insantity.”His neighbors reported that they made many attempts to stop him before but ultimately was not able to stop him from his decision this time. His landing resulted in damage to the following property.

Property damaged: Canvas overhang of high rise bulding, Cost 10,000, 2012 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Coup. Color: Black, Total Value: 125,850

Robert Slyvester Kelly is charged with attempted sucide and is currently under psycological evalutaion.

He is also charged with destruction of property, Injury to Property(himself), Willful Malicious Destruction, And criminal damage. Damages exeeded over 100,000 dollars making it a felony.

Note: This photoshoped picture holds no truth and is in no way an attempt to defame nor any slander against R. Kelly. The portrail in this post is also fictional and in no way an attempt to defame nor change his depiction by reader’s or the public for that matter. This was solely for an assignment for class and only for that reason. Thank you and I hope there is no confusion. -Bryan Scott Wynn.