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Professor Lockman is Missing!!!!!!!!!!

Please Help Find Professor Lockman Before its to late!!


















Here I choose the design assignment but I made a twist of my own, instead of searching for Dr. Oblivion in honor of his birthday, and because of this hilarious picture I thought I would use our Professor. Can you help me find him? Or choose the best title for me lol.

The Process: First I found this wonderful picture via google images of our own Professor lockman. I then put it in to Gimp for mac. I also downloaded another image of ds106 that I used to put his face on as another layer. After that I added misc text to make it funny and put it on a layer of the checker board for the top to give it a little more backround.

I like this assignment because one I have our teachers picture on it with a really goofy set of glasses. I honestly thought of putting him in a large crowd dressed in white and read and making it a game… LOL “wheres lockman” instead of wheres waldo.

I gotta tell ya this has to be a picture that goes on a dating website I think he would get way to many hits what do you guys think? That should be a ds106 assignment to lol a dating profile made of a goofy picture of an individual.


As the world is Turing

First of all before I get into my blog I just would like to say how much I f#$%ing hate word press(for not having a undo button)because I had a very nice article written (we all can believe what we want) and by highlighting and pressing the enter button infact deletes all of your text and does not move it down below the picture that you have that you would like to be the first thing on your post. So wordpress if you dont mind how about a undo button. If there is infact a way to find that I dont know about please enlighten me because I am not familiar with it. -venting complete and now for the assignment in relation to the picture.

Alan Turing is who I chose to write about of the 7 pioneers. Normally people start off with the starting of someones life. On the contrary I would like to pose some information that might interest the reader before becoming tired of reading the life to get to it.

He died of potassium cyanide poisoning from a half eaten apple… This substance is used in mining, photography and sometimes was used as a insecticide and organic synthesis. I know what you might be thinking.. insecticide on the plant, wasnt cleaned off. Wouldnt happen it was discovered back in 1807 Humphrey Davy. So they had known what this product did and what it was capable off. Could the government use it because he had lost his clearance and he had alot of first hand knowledge of alot of different technology he had a hand in? There was infact alot of controversy among the security officers because of the security risk he posed and his friends that he had all over the world. Possibly something could leak out… Now on the other hand he could have been depressed and done it but why at work in the middle of an electrolysis experiment. Well he did do studying and had a interest in morphogenesis and the form of development patterns in living organisms. Maybe he was conducting an experiment on himself. No matter what the reason the most odd thing about it all is that his mother claims “it was an accident”.

Now that you might be a little curious about this mans life and his contribution to related topics in class lets start at the beging.

This guy did logic, mathmatics, crytological work and also computer scientist. He is such a strong if not the most strongest reason why we are able to have the computer today. He had been apart of a lot of projects with both the united states and the British. But of the most significant he deciphered a lot of different codes that the germans were using during WW2. this method was called the bombe. He also did work for the united states for secure voice devices that are used even today (although slightly more advanced) in global positioning systems, and KYs (this link is just 1 of many types) that allow communication among aircraft and or land support to have a secure line. He had made many contributions and he had also been the creator of designs for the stored program computer called ACE. Although he had many amazing contributions and by most would be considered a hero for his input during ww2 he was found guilty of a penal code statute in 1952 in london. It was illegal to be homosexual and he had 2 choices, undergo treatment with female hormones(chemical castration) or serve time in prison. He chose to not go to prison. With this in mind it was not until 10 September of 2009 that a formal apology was made from the British government about the way Alan was treated after the war. That is 55 years later. By the way did I mention he was awarded O.B.E. Which is regarded as one of the most distinguished honors in England? For his devotion despite scrutiny and his contributions I thought that he was the most influential with his mathmatical genius and his basis for computing.

R. Kelly Can fly?

I chose to write about R. Kelly’s “I beleive I can fly.” I chose this because it was funny to think about the sone in a different way. Normally the song means that you can do anything you put your mind to so to speak. But The twist of making it into a police report was fun because you can twist the words to make it sound like he is nuts. I started out by looking up the lyrics. The assignment was to write a police report to a songs lyrics. After that I looked up different possible offenses he would be charged with if he made the “leap of faith” literally. I found the photo at google images that I thought would be appropriate for this assignment because of his arrest. I added some things like height and weight to make it more realistic for a “mug shot” with the paint program.

ds106 assingment


Robert Slyvester Kelly age 39 was found nearly dead 33 stories below his high rise apartment in downtown Chicago last night. It was reported by numerous neighbors that he was stating that he was stating over and over “I believe I can fly” numerous times before taking the plunge. Neighbor Alex Anderson had reported he said “If I can see it then I can do it, If I belive it there’s nothing to it.” Alex-“He is an interesting guy and has a large imagination I just didnt think he would take it to such a level. There is a large line between creativity and insanity. Maybe his creativity brought him to insantity.”His neighbors reported that they made many attempts to stop him before but ultimately was not able to stop him from his decision this time. His landing resulted in damage to the following property.

Property damaged: Canvas overhang of high rise bulding, Cost 10,000, 2012 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Coup. Color: Black, Total Value: 125,850

Robert Slyvester Kelly is charged with attempted sucide and is currently under psycological evalutaion.

He is also charged with destruction of property, Injury to Property(himself), Willful Malicious Destruction, And criminal damage. Damages exeeded over 100,000 dollars making it a felony.

Note: This photoshoped picture holds no truth and is in no way an attempt to defame nor any slander against R. Kelly. The portrail in this post is also fictional and in no way an attempt to defame nor change his depiction by reader’s or the public for that matter. This was solely for an assignment for class and only for that reason. Thank you and I hope there is no confusion. -Bryan Scott Wynn.

“Do you feel lucky?”

This is 3 great overdramatic actors in crime fighting. All 3 have some good quotes but this was my favorite. This was the first assignment for ds106 I did and I think was a good starting point. Although I am still getting used to all the it hopfully I will have better ones to follow. This was the Triple Troll quote Assignment for ds106.

"Do you feel lucky?"

The process: I searched for a good photo via google and came up with Chuck Norris. I then opened that photo in Adobe Photo shop where I created a layer with a yellow color for the bottom. I then added another layer to put the text in over the yellow area but still giving it a see threw kind of look to it. As for the quote I used a site that has famous quotes from different movies this one from Dirty Harry(movie clip) stuck out the most in my mind nothing made that villian feel  better though than the sound of a click instead of a bullet. This was infact the best. The guns Chuck is holding is a Mack 10, but the gun Clint Eastwood(Dirty Harry, Harry Callahan) is talking about is a .44 Magnum. For 1 the Mack 10 is able to hold much more ammo than a magnum and a Mack 10 is also far less accurate.  And finally Steven Seagal had to be put in the mix because he was a fun exiting undefeatable character like the other 2 mentioned.

From the riculous explosions, to humanly impossible accurate shooting, and the fun quotes before the person committing the crimes hits the ground. Standing tall over them are these 3 individuals. I always enjoyed the movies when I was younger because the action, funny things they said, and the fire power that was always used.

Am I still online?

           This picture pretty much sums up my internet. I downloaded it online with a search of burning computers on google images. I have an email account along with facebook. I know how to contact people and that is it. I remember my first experience with computers when I was young inserting a huge disk to play a game. How about Oregon Trail (original) later to come leisure suit larry and a few more fun and exiting games(sarcastic). Primarily the computer for me was a way to make documents and find things needed for research papers and keeping in touch with friends. I have been out of the loop with any new updates with the internet for about 5 years. I had been in the military for 8 years and had not had much exposure to what a blog is or tweet or all the other names there are for whatever else is out there. So with that said I am looking forward to expanding my knowledge and exposure to the internet and what benefits it will have with my degree I am seeking(International Business).